Loud Sounds Made To Bend Light On Computer Chip
Posted November 26, 2014 by in News
During a thunderstorm, we all know that it is common to hear thunder after we see the lightning. That's because sound travels much slower (768 miles per hour) than light (670,000,000 miles per hour). ...
Improve Scheduling, Production, and Quality Using Cloud ERP
Posted November 26, 2014 by in Editorial
The software as a service (SaaS) model of application delivery, more commonly known as 'cloud deployment', in which software features are accessed through a Web browser, is an excellent way for manufa...
Blu-Ray Disc Improves Solar Cell Performance
Posted November 25, 2014 by in News
Who knew Blu-ray discs were so useful? Already one of the best ways to store high-definition movies and television shows because of their high-density data storage, Blu-ray discs also improve the perf...
Understanding ERP Deployment Choices
Posted November 25, 2014 by in Editorial
Companies now need to evolve quickly, which means being able to move some or all business operations to an existing or new ERP instance quickly and inexpensively, anywhere in the world. Small companie...
Cooling With the Coldest Matter in the World
Posted November 24, 2014 by in News
Physicists at the University of Basel have developed a new cooling technique for mechanical quantum systems. Using an ultracold atomic gas, the vibrations of a membrane were cooled down to less than 1...
10 Critical Questions Manufacturers Should Ask Before Choosing a Cloud-based ERP Solution
Posted November 24, 2014 by in Editorial
Over the last few years, Software as a Service (SaaS) has become a compelling and credible delivery model for business applications. SaaS, also referred to as "On-Demand" or "Cloud Computing", elimina...
Robotic Walker Assists With Physiotherapy
Posted November 21, 2014 by in News
Survivors of stroke or other neurological conditions such as spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries and Parkinson's disease often struggle with mobility. To regain their motor functions, these...
Hand Dryers Spread Bacteria in Public Toilets
Posted November 20, 2014 by in News