Super-Sensitive Fly-Inspired Sound Detector
Posted July 22, 2014 by in News
Even within a phylum so full of mean little creatures, the yellow-colored Ormia ochracea fly is distinguished among other arthropods for its cruelty -- at least to crickets. Native to the southeastern...
Top 5 Operational Improvements for Today’s Small and Midsize Manufacturer
Posted July 22, 2014 by in Editorial
Manufacturers today are looking for innovative ways to differentiate themselves in the competitive global marketplace. Understanding customers' needs in great detail is essential to positioning their ...
Tiny Laser Sensor Improves Bomb Detection
Posted July 21, 2014 by in News
New technology under development at UC Berkeley could soon give bomb-sniffing dogs some serious competition. A team of researchers led by Xiang Zhang, UC Berkeley professor of mechanical engineering,...
What you need to know about Arc Flashes
Posted July 21, 2014 by in Editorial
Arc flashes--the fiery explosions that can result from short circuits in high-power electrical devices--kill hundreds of workers in the U.S. every year and permanently injure thousands more. They can ...
New Material Puts a Twist in Light
Posted July 18, 2014 by in News
Scientists at The Australian National University (ANU) have uncovered the secret to twisting light at will. It is the latest step in the development of photonics, the faster, more compact and less car...
The Future of M2M Application Enablement Platforms
Aeris Communications
Posted July 18, 2014 by in Editorial
Heavy Reading's recent research has shown that the M2M market is on the verge of significant evolution that will turn MSM technologies into a truly strategic asset for enterprises. In recent years, Ap...
Best-Ever Efficiency Points to Clean, Green Gas-Diesel Engine
Posted July 17, 2014 by in News
The one-cylinder test engine in the basement of a University of Wisconsin-Madison lab is connected to a life-support system of pipes, tubes, ducts and cables. You might think that the engine resembles...
Data Center Trend: Distributed Power in the White Space
Posted July 17, 2014 by in Editorial
Cloud computing vendors and colocation data centers make every effort to maximize the scalability, efficiency and agility of their data centers. As a result, more and more of them are investigating re...
New Materials for Future Green Tech Devices
Posted July 16, 2014 by in News
From your hot car to your warm laptop, every machine and device in your life wastes a lot of energy through the loss of heat. But thermoelectric devices, which convert heat to electricity and vice ver...
Successful M2M Troubleshooting — Design for It!
Aeris Communications
Posted July 16, 2014 by in Editorial
M2M devices sometimes encounter problems when operating in the field; however the logistics of reaching and repairing an M2M device can be quite expensive. It is important to design troubleshooting an...
Fuel Cells for Powering Homes
Posted July 15, 2014 by in News
Fuel cells are similar to batteries, but they differ from them mainly in that they are continually resupplied by the reagents consumed, typically oxygen and hydrogen. "After the process to generate el...
Getting a Charge out of Water Droplets: Water Jumping from a Superhydrophobic Surface can be Harnessed to Produce Electricity
Posted July 14, 2014 by in News
Last year, MIT researchers discovered that when water droplets spontaneously jump away from superhydrophobic surfaces during condensation, they can gain electric charge in the process. Now, the same t...
M2M Cellular Antennas: SISO v. MIMO
Aeris Communications
Posted July 14, 2014 by in Editorial
Of the many hardware choices you must make when building an M2M application, the antenna can be the most complex. This white paper summarizes the key information that you must know, including requirem...
Silicon Oxide for Better Computer Memory: Use of Porous Silicon Oxide Reduces Forming Voltage, Improves Manufacturability
Posted July 11, 2014 by in News
[caption id="attachment_4348" align="alignnone" width="300"] This scanning electron microscope image and schematic show the design and composition of new RRAM memory devices based on porous silicon ox...
Projecting a Three-Dimensional Future Based on Nanoantennas
Posted July 10, 2014 by in News
TAU researchers develop holography technology that could change the way we view the world [caption id="attachment_4346" align="alignnone" width="225"] The team's nanoantenna technology permits newl...
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