Mantis Shrimp Stronger Than Airplanes
Posted April 23, 2014 by in News
Inspired by the fist-like club of a mantis shrimp, a team of researchers led by University of California, Riverside, in collaboration with University of Southern California and Purdue University, have...
Jacket Works Like a Mobile Phone
Posted April 22, 2014 by in News
A fire is raging in a large building and the fire leader is sending a message to all firefighters at the scene. But they don’t need a mobile phone — they simply check their jacket sleeves ...
New Material Coating Mimics ‘Lotus Effect’
Posted April 21, 2014 by in News
Ever stop to consider why lotus plant leaves always look clean? The hydrophobic — water repelling — characteristic of the leaf, termed the “Lotus effect,” helps the plant survi...
Thinnest Membrane Feasible Has Been Produced
Posted April 18, 2014 by in News
A new nano-membrane made out of the ‘super material’ graphene is extremely light and breathable. Not only can this open the door to a new generation of functional waterproof clothing, but ...
Ground-Breaking MRI Shows Human ‘Brown Fat’
Posted April 17, 2014 by in News
The first MRI scan to show ‘brown fat’ in a living adult could prove to be an essential step towards a new wave of therapies to aid the fight against diabetes and obesity. Researchers from...
First Direct Observations of Excitons in Motion
Posted April 16, 2014 by in News
A quasiparticle called an exciton — responsible for the transfer of energy within devices such as solar cells, LEDs, and semiconductor circuits — has been understood theoretically for deca...
House Windows That Double as Solar Panels?
Posted April 15, 2014 by in News
A house window that doubles as a solar panel could be on the horizon, thanks to recent quantum-dot work by Los Alamos National Laboratory researchers in collaboration with scientists from University o...
ISS to Beam Video Via Laser Back to Earth
Posted April 14, 2014 by in News
A team of about 20 working at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., through the lab’s Phaeton early-career-hire program, led the development of the Optical Payload for Lase...
Display Screens of Curtain of Moveable Mist
Posted April 11, 2014 by in News
A tabletop display with personal screens made from a curtain of mist that allow users to move images around and push through the fog-screens and onto the display, will be unveiled at an international ...
Emerging Research Suggests a New Paradigm for ‘Unconventional Superconductors’
Posted April 10, 2014 by in News
An international team of scientists has reported the first experimental observation of the quantum critical point (QCP) in the extensively studied “unconventional superconductor” TiSe2, fi...
Recycling Astronaut Urine for Drinking Water
Posted April 9, 2014 by in News
On the less glamorous side of space exploration, there’s the more practical problem of waste — in particular, what to do with astronaut pee. But rather than ejecting it into space, scienti...
Star Trek-Style Tricorder Possible?
Posted April 8, 2014 by in News
Scientists at the University of Southampton are aiming to develop a handheld testing device to provide same day diagnosis from a patient’s bedside. In the fictional Star-Trek universe, the trico...
New Findings to Help Extend High Efficiency Solar Cells’ Lifetime
Posted April 7, 2014 by in News
OIST’s Energy Materials and Surface Sciences Unit has made a surprising discovery about the degradation of solar cells that could help pave the way to creating a longer lifetime for these cells....
Sun Used to Create Solar Energy Materials
Posted April 4, 2014 by in News
In a recent advance in solar energy, researchers have discovered a way to tap the sun not only as a source of power, but also to directly produce the solar energy materials that make this possible. In...
Tiny Power Generator Runs On Saliva
Posted April 3, 2014 by in News
Saliva-powered micro-sized microbial fuel cells can produce minute amounts of energy sufficient to run on-chip applications, according to an international team of engineers. The Otago researchers̵...
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